X5C RC Quadcopter Drone

If there’s one thing to note about drones, it would be that they always tend to be very expensive especially if you want a...

A Watch All In One

The Japanese Brando has introduced its new watch, which at first glance does not seem to be very graceful, but its benefits are for amazement. Namely this watch...


Mongolian Education Technologies

Mongolian Earlier Education Technology

Some countries are not so rich, but still have technologies to use in education process. The Mongolians have their own mysterious ways! We just love it! Watch the video and share your opinion!  
Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology – Tech Education

Georgia Institute of Technology - Common Information The Georgia Institute of Technology (mostly known as Georgia Tech, or GT) is based in Atlanta, Georgia United States. It is a public research university and a part...
Stevens Institute of Technology

Stevens Institute of Technology – Tech Education

Technology Education Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT) is located in Hoboken, New Jersey, United States, with one of their satellite location in Washington DC. It is a private co-educational research university that was incorporated in...




May The 4th Be With You! The Star Wars Day

Hi, dudes! As the greatest fans of Star Wars we would like to introduce to you 10 Most Expensive Star Wars Offers On Amazon Some pieces may...