Best Sites Like CouchTuner to Watch Movies Online in 2020

Finding best sites like Couchtuner is a tough task. If you are unaware about Couchtuner, it is a streaming site which has a lot of content on TV series and Movies. You can watch content online from top channels like CNN, cartoon network, HBO, DC Comics, Otter media, HBO and various other companies and film studios (all that for free). So, yes, you won’t have to pay a single penny. So, now the question might arise in your mind where do they host that much content? Well, they do not actually host any content on their own server. Instead, it only acts as a third party and gathers content from various other 3rd party content hosts.

Is Couchtuner legal?

Well, Couchtuner is legally not liable for breaking the copyrighted content since it only hosts the links of the sites which actually have the content, making it not liable as the admins have mentioned on the website. Nowadays, however, there are times when you might not be able to access Couchtuner. In such cases, you only have 2 options either to find an alternative site like Couchtuner or use a Virtual Private Network to bypass the security filter and access content without any issues.


Best Sites like Couchtuner of 2020

After a lot of research and content finding over the internet, I have gathered a list of sites like Couch tuner which can be used in place of Couchtuner. So, without wasting your time, I will start:

 1. FMovies


The number one Couchtuner alternative can be no other than Fmovies. In fact, there are a lot of sites which tried to copy FMovies but only a few could survive. The UI is very smooth and the website is developers. You can find most of the popular TV shows and Movies on FMovies. Try it now today.

 2. PutLocker


When you like to stream content online, there may be a couple of sites you could have heard off. Putlocker could be one of them. The fame it has collected in the past few years is just huge and there is a lot of variety of movies and tv series to choose from. You can also find your regional content from countries like France, Thailand, India, Taiwan, Hongkong on Putlocker too without any issues.

3. Daily TV Fix

daily tv fix

If you are a person like me who cannot go without a day of watching TV shows, let me assure you, you won’t be disappointed by Daily TV fix. Daily TV fix has a humongous database that starts from popular movies and TV shows all the way ranging down to the lesser-known ones.

They have added a list of tv shows on the home page and they are regularly updated too. They have a forum too which is really cool if you want to discuss the shows which you like and make socializing and conversation possible too.

4. Vumoo


Vumoo is another popular name for streaming in Those TV shows and movies that you used to watch on Couchtuner but now want to switch. The database is fairly big and new movies and tv shows are updated at regular intervals. The only drawback here is that Vumoo does not tend to categorize its content which can make navigation a bit tedious.

5. Primewire


If you are looking for services that top the charts off when it comes to new launches movies, Prime wire is what you are looking for. All the content that you get here is free, so you won’t have to pay those movie ticket prices any longer. If you want you can also select the desired resolution on which you would like to watch the content. Create your account and read the guide and privacy policy and terms to start enjoying this site now.

6. New Episodes

new episodes

The name is what would have given you the suggestion by now. You can access all the latest popular and budding TV shows within minutes they go live on air. They have a display where they show all the TV shows that were aired and uploaded within the week alphabetically, which is really helpful. They also have a forum where you can interact publically about your views and opinion of new shows and serials.

7. AZ Movies

az movies

As the name suggests you get a collection of A to Z movies for free. The site is run by TV show and movie enthusiasts who share their love with everyone through the medium of this website. Give this one a try today.

Final Words:

So these were some of the best sites like Counchtuner of 2020. These Couch Tuner alternatives will help you to watch your favourite movies and TV shows for free without any hassles. If you have any suggestion, kindly let us know in the comments section.

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