Wireless Intercom System, SAMCOM FTAN20A 20 Channels 3 Code Security Ultra-Thin Room to Room Intercom with Display Screen 1000FT Long Range for Home and Office (12 Units)

Buy Wireless Intercom System, SAMCOM FTAN20A 20 Channels 3 Code Security Ultra-Thin Room to Room Intercom with Display Screen 1000FT Long Range for Home and Office (12 Units) 2020

Price: $554.00 - $499.90
(as of Mar 16,2020 12:58:15 UTC – Details)

Easy set up, No installation requirement. Can move to different room.
Instant intercom system
Quick and easy Direct CHANNEL select buttons – LCD Display for easy identification of designated stations.
Multi-channel operation for privacy talk and listen .
-Big TALK buttons for easy PRESS to talk
Unit size : Approx. 7.2 x 4.8 x 1.0 inches
Power source : Mains AC Power only, (Plug-in AC adapter is included)
What’s in the mailing box : * Station unit x 1 * Power adapter x 1 * USB Cable x 1
Family Application
You can mount the intercom on the wall, or place them on a desktop or table
You can setup different numbers for each intercom or at same number
You can choose one to one communication or one to all simultaneously
You can talk with two way radio if you change radio frequency to Intercom requirement.
You can use mobile power pack if necessary
Office Application
Different department or room set different Number
Communication between the reception and other people
Communication between the security staff and other people
Emergency Notice
Quickly meeting system
Certification:FCC ID: 2AFC8-FTAN20AA / ADAPTOR: UL R1018
Cautions :
1) The setting method of Samcom 20 channel wireless intercom is differ from Samcom 10 channel wireless intercom. All the SAMCOM Inercoms can work together.
2) All of the Group number must set to same number, otherwise Group function is not effective.
3) There are three Switch Position ” A ,B,C “,the default position is on A; if you found inference from neighbor you can change switch to B or C, when changing, pls keep all units position be the same.
4) Do not put the intercoms and other electronic appliances too close, better to keep 1 meter distance to avoid any interference even when it is operating property.Wireless 20 channels Intercom System with 3 ABC Privacy Filter settings,1000FT long-range for you to have a safe and effective communication at home and office.With the display screen and power key, quick view the channel code and select the working status.
TALK as one-to-one communications to either your shared primary channel or a selected channel. Group as broadcasting function (one-to-all) to communicate with all other intercoms, great for home & office-wide announcements.LOCK acts like Monitor Intercom, it constantly transmits, good for look after children or elders anytime.
Build-in anti-interference to ensure strong and stable reception. Better audio quality and microphone input. There is no fee, no wiring, do not need to change the original structure, receiving reliable, working stable.
Support by Power Bank, so you can take devices to wherever you are. It can talk with SAMCOM FPCN10A FPCN30A FPEN10A Two Way Radio, compatible with FTAN10A FTAN30A Intercoms. (Expand to unlimited additional intercom stations as you want)
SAMCOM FTAN20A Intercom passed FCC certified. FCC number is 2AIOQ-FTAN20AA and IC Certification.Warranty :Lifetime Quality Warranty; Please be assured that we are here to make things easier for you and prevent you from bearing any loss.

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